Friday, March 21, 2008

christ the lord: road to cana

i'm so rarely moved by a book to write any kind of review or endorsement.

but anne rice's "christ the lord: road to cana" is fantastic. go buy two copies and give them away...hear back from your friends how great it is...let the anticipation build...cry, beg, and moan...then go buy two more copies and keep and read only one.

biblically consistent
scholarly credible
and truly, genuinely, spiritually formative.

you'll notice no endorsement of "the shack" here...if you're looking for a spiritually provocative novel get "road to cana"


  1. David, thank you for your very generous mention of the book. The more I write about the Lord, the more I experience the travel of these books through America, the more I realize we are not living in a post-Christian nation at all. People care deeply, passionately about their faith and it informs their entire lives. What a beautiful thing to witness. I never expected my vocation and my life to be so rich at this point. Thanks again, Anne Rice.

  2. anne - i am humbled by your remarks. thank you for taking time for your fans and for writing such tremendous material.

    i'd love to hear more about your experiences in still-christian america (that is, of course, if you're ever in the mood for that kind of conversation). the telling of your experiences would be a great gift.

    thanks again,


  3. People should read this.

  4. dude, Anne Rice commented on your blog! You win the internets!