Tuesday, January 1, 2008

africa post 1

I'm keeping a video blog of my trip to africa instead of just a text blog...as a way to make it fun for my kids to watch and see. I still hold on to the belief that god has something particular here for me, though I'm not really sure what that might yet be.

To be perfectly honest, I feel like all of the major life/ministry questions have been settled for the moment. We're planning to keep our house, pursue a book/enterprise with navpress, hold off on ann arbor, have no more kids, bring randy back to work now that he's well, keep honing causemology, keep underscoring the importance of ownership, have carmel go back to work, pursue vodcasting in the new year(and potentially streaming vids & jtv), pay off our remaining debts, fix our kitchen floor and basement bathroom, buy a boat with our tenth anniversary income tax return cheque, and probably discontinue teaching at sau.

Now I'm sure that sounds like we've got it all figured out...but we've only just arrived at most of those conclusions and are still holding all of them loosely knowing that god could reverse or redirect our intention at any moment; though it must be said that the openness to god's interruption should never be an excuse for unpreparedness (we should plan as if our lives will remain on this trajectory for 100 years, but be willing to leave everything at a moment's notice in obedience to the divine perogative).

anyways - more later

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