Saturday, November 12, 2005

romantic or intimate? [a response to a buddy's question]

i see my relationship with god as both intimate and romantic.

the bible often describes spiritual ecstasy in erotic terms, though, i've got to confess a certain hesitation to use sexual imagery. truthfully, i have to say that the sexual experience is 'the next best thing' to true closeness with god, but i'm still a little uncomfortable with the god-sex nomenclature.

intimacy - in my thinking - is incredible closeness and vulnerability, "nudity and the absence of shame", and i want that with god like i want it with my wife. that's about as far as my desire for intimacy extends, though - and i get creeped out at church when old guys want to be "intimate" with me. it's like they're offering me fruit for hallowe'en, and i'm left wondering if i'm going to get a razor blade cavity.

at the same time, i need those deep friendships - life just kicks you in the nuts too many times not to be able to share.

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