Thursday, November 3, 2005

a sextant for sacred leadership: conclusion

In a world charmed by charisma and relativism, the need for sacred leadership to emerge is brutally obvious. Ministers must come to the fore as titans, lay leaders must grow strong and develop skills to contribute with fanatical resolve, and the whole Body of Christ must see the need for energy, unity, and mission. Though I use aggressive language, it is not against flesh and blood that we fight.

We fight what cannot be seen. We fight we can only be known and felt and heard in the dark.

To find our way in the dark, we must find instruments of navigation. Not only will they guide us in pneumanautical transformation, but they will guide us to victory in a cosmological tension. Now is the time for sextants of sacred leadership. Now is the time for astrolabes of purpose and destiny. This is when we need a gyroscope to circumvent the globe of culture and shrinking faith.

If truly we are called - then truly we are called nobly and swiftly. We must journey to the center of conflict and stake our claim on the soil of soul.

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