Wednesday, July 2, 2008

tumblr micro blog

i know i said i wouldn't be blogging on my vacation (because it'd feel like work) but i've been playing around with tumblr and i think i'm gonna use it as my travel blog.

there's a tumblr roll on the bottom left side of this blog where you can follow my updates, or just go to


  1. I was wondering how "unplugged" you were really going to go on your vacation! Have a great time in BC!

  2. I love the idea of tumblr as a vacation blog. I have a tumblr that I’ve never used because I couldn’t wrap my head around why I would need two blogs. I’m too linear to catch the vision of some other tumblr bloggers I know. I believe the photobucket slide shows of my vacations on my blog are getting redundant and with tumblr I can journal the trip too! I can’t wait for my next vacation.