Sunday, June 29, 2008

jesus, make us right

God –

I accept responsibility for all I’ve done wrong.
I refuse to abandon my guilt, my will, and my liability for my own sin.

I refuse to pawn those sins off because I feel like a victim.

I want to make things right
With you
With those I’ve harmed
With the world
And with myself
But I need your help to do so.

Give me the presence of your peace
To walk the long road of reconciliation.

Make me bold enough to face my accusers and set things right.

Make me soft enough to repent when I’ve indulged
And firm enough to hold others accountable when they have wronged me
And gracious enough to forgive them as you have forgiven me.

I know your grace allows me to enter Heavenly rest in the next life,
But I also ask for your grace to assist me in cultivating rest in this one
For myself and for those who’ve been affected by me.

I once was an agent of harm.
Please make me an agent of reconciliation
In you.


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