Saturday, December 6, 2008

theology is an OS

because of some personal junk i've been thinking through lately (see my last 2 blog posts), i've come to think of all systematic theology as being an operating system.

an operating system allows you to access the programs installed on your computer.

in our little metaphor here, the operating system is our theology and the "programs" are the gifts of the spirit and the fruits of the spirit.

(remember...this is just a metaphor)

anyway, i think we forget that our theology is really just a way for us to better understand how god wants us to live and to whom we owe our allegiance.

god wants us to live self-sacrificially (kenotically...for you theology dorks)

and god wants our total and complete allegiance to him and his kingdom at the expense of everything else.

our theology SERVES THE PURPOSE of transforming us into people who shadow god in every moment.

if, then, our theology does not lead us into this kind of life it is useless and flawed (jesus said: you'll know a tree by its fruit...ergo, if your theology doesn't produce fruit that transforms you into a more loving, self-sacrificial, penitent follower of christ then your theology is broken).

ok...more later...

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