Saturday, December 6, 2008

wesleyan theology is like WINDOWS OS

wesleyan and lutheran theology are like windows.

there's a widerange of availability. the old OS versions often work better than the new ones. it becomes frustrating to upgrade all of the time, but the payoff is pretty good because there is always newer and newer software that works on virtually every computer.

however, the OS crashes all of the time, when you need the OS to solve a problem you've caused by overloading it.

to unpack the metaphor: there is great freedom in wesleyan churches...freedom to grow, to learn, to discover christ and the freedom that he brings

but there is also a great deal of confusion...people often feel like there is no "one truth" or that any reading of the scriptures counts as a valid interpretation. grace is often taken for granted and transformation typically ends right after a single sinner's prayer is prayer.

contemporary examples of the good: greg boyd, earl creps,

historical examples of the bad: dennis rader (infamous serial killer), leni riefenstahl (nazi propaganda filmmaker)

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