Tuesday, October 25, 2005

church death?

i always feel charmed when i hear people talking about how "the church is going to die"

when i was thirteen i had a shaved head, wore a bandana around my leg, and believed that if you listened to u2 you were on the amtrak to hell
when i was eighteen i had long hair, a couple of piercings, and believed that if i listened to amy grant i was in hell already
we must change, or our present form will die - and the slower we accept a kind of evolution, the faster we'll deteriorate, but that's different than an actual death or a literal death.

perhaps dan kimball said it best when he remarked that the changes that are occuring in our culture are not simply changes in form or style, clothing or music, but in how we process information, understand truth, and embrace spirituality.

be cheerful - change, though painful in the short run, is actually the thing that keeps us alive.

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