Thursday, October 6, 2005

human transcendance technology

i've been working on an idea. see, i've been wondering what it would be like to have people connect spiritually over the internet in a more meaningful way than simply text.

so, i've developed something i'm calling the praystation. the praystation module is an interactive experiential prayer tool for online use. tt combines elements of VJing, Photography, DJing, blogging and file sharing with the spiritual disciplines of prayer and confession [see prototype interface insert].

that cube will spin in consort with the movements of the mouse, and different images along different axis will act as icons in prayer. the left hand of the user will hit hot keys triggering sfx and auditory prayer cues. the experience will be "remembered" by the pc, and be able to be shared online [like a hallmark e-card]. so, you could email your friends an mpg. of your prayer and have them respond with one of their own [a chat module will be included in the file sharing component].

so whaddya think? i hope to have it up and running by christmas.


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