Saturday, October 8, 2005

experiential prayer exercises

hey friends - i've just returned from a retreat for our college students and i thought i might add our experiences to the catalogue of the weekend's EPIC experiments.
everyone that came received a piece of chalk and a small stone, and were instructed to find a place of daily prayer and trace the perichoresis [symbol for the trinity] on a rock [we were in the mountains] and to take a photograph to remind themselves later of the 'sacred space' they created this weekend. likewise, the stone was given so they might toss it into a body of water on the last day of the retreat and commit to memory the spiritual experiences they had on the mountaintop.
there were a host of other inter-active worship elements we used, and - in keeping with my current trak - the bulk of the weekend was asynchronous worship [no tight schedule, lots of free time, lots of interactive worship stations, and a small service at night]. it was cool.
the prayer labyrinth was, perhaps, the highlight.

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