Saturday, April 26, 2008

15,000 hits on ustream, i just logged onto ustream to review our loveshack gathering and notices that 14,334 people have watched fusion online.


we have a weekly attendance of adults and children at westwinds of approx. 850 people.

every week our p/vodcast is listened to by about 1500 people.

and our video of fusion has impacted almost 15,000 people.

now, keep in mind that westwinds is in jackson, mi (pop. 30,000 + ) and if we're famous for anything here, it's for closing down factories and closing up shops we only opened 3 months ago.

so for us to have such an impact is truly a miracle.

our thanks goes to god for this, but also to the many hundreds of people who've been faithful to westwinds (through all our ups and downs) for years.

thank you, long timers, for stickin' it out with us.

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  1. So, is there a way to extend the opportunity for any one of the 15,000 to reach in and donate what surely there heart must be yearning to give in support of the Mission?