Tuesday, April 1, 2008

caedmon - celtic songwriter

one of the famous musicians of historic celtic christianity was caedmon. he was said to be skilled in making verse out of scripture, putting those to song, and singing them in english.

even though he was illiterate, caedmon would have someone read to him from the bible and then spend the night trying to make it work in song. reprinted here is a sample:

teach us again the greatest story ever told
in time, the carpenter began to travel
in every village challenging the people

to leave behind their selfish ways,
be washed in living water
and let god be their king

you plundered death
and made its jailhouse shudder
strode into life
to meet your startled friends

i have a dream
that all the world will meet you
and know you, jesus, in your living power
that someday soon all people will hear your story
and hear it in a way they understand

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