Friday, June 6, 2008

the "images" from images of atonement, pt.1

we're using some classical christian icons during this series in fusion to shore up our theology on the atonement. because we've left the icons un-examined during fusion i thought i'd explain them, quickly, here:

jesus makes us free

this image shows the eagle (a symbol of kingship) defeating the serpent (a symbol of evil)

early christians used this symbol as a reminder that the power of evil had been defeated

jesus restores our honor

this is a cross-anchor, used by early christians in the catacombs as a reminder to one another to stay-fixed to christ

it came into use after st.clement was tied to an anchor and thrown overboard for his refusal to renounce his christian convictions.

i like to think it was the early church's way of defiantly saying "what are you gonna do, kill us?"

jesus makes us new

this is the phoenix, a mythical bird that was said to be made of fire. eventually the phoenix burned itself out and fell into a heap of ashes in the desert. the same phoenix was reborn from the ashes of its former self and lived a new life.

this was the earliest symbol of the resurrection of jesus christ...and i love that it is "mythological."

jesus gives us purpose

the circle was a symbol of the unbroken wholeness of god.

this symbol represents the church as an unbroken circle orbiting the unbroken circle of god.

our purpose is to enter, maintain, and welcome others into the unbroken wholeness of god and his church

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