Friday, June 13, 2008

jesus, bring us together

God –

My relationships are not the way I want them to be,
And are even less the way I think you want them to be.

I have too much resentment,
Too much pride,
And am holding too many things against too many people.

Please help me to love others
In the same way you have loved me
And loved them;
With the same grace and perspective
On both their failings and their worth.

Forgive me for elevating myself above them.
Forgive me for allowing myself to be distant from them,
And for thinking that such distance is somehow justified.

Teach me to be hospitable
And welcoming into my own little life
Even as you welcome us all into life in your true kingdom.


1 comment:

  1. awesome prayer. I've really enjoyed these prayers you've been doin throughout Images of Atonement. Earnest prayers of salvation, that are authentic and specific about our brokenness and Jesus' ability to redeem us to Himself.