Sunday, June 29, 2008


prior to the 4 days i spent with my extended family this past may, it had been almost 22 months since i'd taken any vacation.

actually, that's not entirely true. i did take 4 days during those 22 months, but i also came into work on each of those days to help trouble-shoot/problem solve various things i should've just ignored.

anyway, i get 4 weeks + 10 weekends + 10 personal days per year which is an excellent vacation package by any standard.

if, that is, you make use of it...which i will very soon.

this past winter we had some new faces on our elder team and that created a lot of really positive movement there. the team was always good, but this change came at a good time and has acted as a catalyst for a few things - one of those being the elders' insistence that jvo and i actually use our vacation time this year (and that we carry over an additional week from last year and take it as well).

so, ever the one to submit to my peers, i'm off on vacation beginning tomorrow.

5 weeks of vacation, to be exact.

i'm leaving my blackberry here.

i'm leaving my mac here.

i won't be checking email.

i won't be blogging.

i won't be twittering.

i will only read magazines, not theology texts or rabbinical commentaries

i will only watch fun movies, not vodcasts of great teaching.

i will play with my kids

i will laugh with my wife

i will nap in church after arriving late.

it's gonna be good

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