Friday, June 6, 2008

"images", pt.2

jesus makes us clean

the cross of consecration (as this particular cross is known) was first used by the carolingian empire as a sign of the purifying blood of jesus.

anytime i see a cross other than the (typical, protestant) roman cross i get excited...hence, we used this one

jesus makes us right

this is a cross made of several triquetas and a circle. it is a symbol made of several other symbols, demonstrating that we are made right with god, with one another, with the church, and with the world around us.

jesus brings us together

this is an icon of the vine and the branches. it was used to show that we find our commonality in jesus christ.

jesus makes us whole

this is a triqueta, an ancient symbol of the trinity. the pattern of the triqueta has often thought to be the "map" of steps for a dance of celebration. the dance, like the trinity, depends on mutuality and interdependence.

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