Thursday, May 29, 2008

flv to psp

i recently purchased a sony psp and have been stymied trying to find out how to put youtube videos (which are formatted as .flv files) onto my psp.

there are few tutorials on how to do this well...most involve buying software from some strange russian porn sites or nigerian piracy palaces...and none of them are reviewed well and/or claim to work all the time.

but i have found a simple way to make sure any .flv file works all of the time on any psp slim and i thought i'd share it.

1. download the firefox browser extension "download helper" and install it

2. go to youtube and load whichever video you want to download and click on the download helper icon...this will download the file as an .flv to your pc or mac

3. purchase quick time pro (which, imo, is the best file conversion software on the net) and open you .flv file in qt

4. export you .flv as an mpeg4, making sure the output resolution is 320x240

5. transfer the new mpeg4 file onto your psp and - viola! - you're in business


a. you can use a bunch of different web tools to download .flvs, but i prefer download helper because it works all the time

b. you have to have quick time pro to open .flv files

c. you have to have quick time pro to export

d. if you export at the default mpeg4 settings from quick time the file will not work on the psp - they have to be 320x240 (default is 368x25?)

e. when you load the mpeg4 onto your psp you will get 2 files in your video folder...the 1st will be a "corrupted data" file which you can safely erase; the second will be the actual, working mpeg4

feel free to ask any questions if you like...this sort of thing usually isn't my schtick, but i was so frustrated looking for a solution i thought i'd share my findings

btw - i am a holy man, so please don't ask any weird "how to" questions about "nefarious" web activity :)

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  1. Dude, I've been having such video hassles with .flv's on my website too. I did find a great, free converter that will pretty much convert any file under the planet - ffmpegx.