Sunday, May 11, 2008

more on monsters


i almost forget

the whole reason i started writing about monsters is because of the stories included in this current fusion series "images of atonement"

to help my son "get" all of the different ways that jesus makes us right with god i've written stories.

some of these are the harmatore (which we'll tell in fusion today).

some parents get a little jittery when we create a monster story to illustrate atonement theology. i get why this is, but i'm still trading on the len-sweet-spiderwick-don't-insulate-your-kids-from-monsters philosophy (which, if you recall, is turning out very well so far).

the harmatore has become jake's favorite story, and - perhaps better than anything "smart" and or "big-peopley" - helps him understand the triumph of jesus christ over the powers of evil and the freedom that triumphs makes available to us all.

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