Sunday, May 25, 2008

god - give me purpose

God –

I confess I have complained about this world,
About my life,
And about your seeming indifference to them both.

I have drifted through my days
Giving little care to why I’m alive or who I’m supposed to be in you.

But I feel your Spirit convicting me of my aimlessness.
I feel like you are now energizing me with clarity
On these big issues.

And though the task is too great for me to change the world
And though my task to affect my own world, too, seems equally impossible
I feel confident in you that I should try.

Even though I will fail
I feel empowered to try
And try
And try
To stand against evil
To celebrate goodness wherever it is found
To honor and authenticate your image in others
And in myself
And – in whatever small ways are possible – to set this world to rights.

I ask for the strength to keep believing that I’m worth something.
I ask for the innocence to keep living like it makes a difference.
I ask for mercy, to demonstrate your concern to this world.


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