Sunday, May 11, 2008

forgot to say thanks

it's been a long time since my last vacation; though, thankfully, i'm about to take 5 weeks off in july with my family.

anyway - when it's been a while since you've had a break, you tend to get a little raw. things that don't bother you, bother you. things that don't normally hurt or frustrate you do both which further hurts you (because you realize you're wimpy) and frustrate you (because you thought you were better at being a person than you really were).

so, i've been going through that for a few months now. i'm tired and am not at my best.

however, in the midst of this god has been remarkably cool and i wanted to take this quick opportunity to say thanks to him via blog (though, yes, i do this often through "real" prayer as well :)

first, for the wonderful moments of encouragement that have come my way through the many good and godly people of westwinds. no one writes a thoughtful note or leaves a loving voice mail unless god first motivates them to do so. so, thanks to those people and also thanks to god for working in them.

second, for craig playford who sneaks me away golfing some friday mornings. it always feels like - when i'm at my wits end - craig is there for me to laugh at my mulligan-fetish and let me just be normal. i thank god for him too.

third, for great friends in ministry like our staff at ww and my friends abroad. it's cool to know you're not alone.

fourth, for little material blessings like my mac, 2 running cars, some great books, and the pleasure of watching my son play with speed racer.

and fifth, for times of real comfort and peace in prayer. sometimes, when i've been praying lately, it's felt like a massage.

anyways, again, i just wanted to stop and say a quick blog-prayer-thanks to the hefe of hefes.

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