Sunday, August 17, 2008

audio prayers

while i was on vacation i began using tumblr as a way to keep my thoughts from crowding my head.

since i've returned home i've been using it as a way to store some random thoughts and audio prayers (since blogger doesn't have a good way to do just audio files).

you can find them at

at any rate people often make the mistake of thinking that christian spirituality has to be perfectly ordered and good, so i've been putting these things out there to sort-of show how i approach jesus...warts and all.

actually, that's probably a good caveat. i make no efforts to sanitize or clean up these moments. they're just honest bits of how i think/relate/pray/talk to jesus.

which makes me think that another good caveat would be to point out that i don't go out of my way to make them especially coarse or to somehow try and prove something either. they are just what they are...moments, snippets, of a few of my talks with god that may serve to encourage you.

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