Thursday, August 21, 2008

props to the doods of theology...

it's only appropriate to give credit where credit is due, and - for this upcoming series in genesis - there are some theological heroes of mine who deserve it.

first, i am deeply indebted to the work of john f. haught on process theology. haught is a prof at georgetown and his book "god after darwin" has formed me more than anything i've read in the last two years.

you can buy it here

i've also become a fan of much that matthew fox has to say...though not all. so i hesitate to recommend his work (without, at least, some caution). but if you're willing to read it alongside something a little more cautious, then you can get it here.

in my mind walter brueggemann is the best old testament scholar in the world. he's - quite simply - an astounding intellect. his commentary on genesis is the best. buy it here, dork.

middleton, a jamaican ex-pat living in the great white north, introduced me to postmodernism with his book "truth is stranger than it used to be." in "the liberating image" he introduced me to most of my good ideas about the imago dei which - over the years - have been confirmed and supported six ways from sunday. this book is pretty academic, but very influential. buy it here.

collins book proved to me beyond a shadow of any doubt that you cannot be a thinking person and disregard evolutionary biology. not everyone feels this way. for those who still have doubts, buy this book here and trust me - you'll love jesus more when it's done than you do right now

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