Thursday, August 14, 2008

hold your horses, tonto

someone asked me earlier today how i was doing with all of the hate-mail and/or negative feedback i've been getting about our genesis series.

to which i responded: what hatemail?

if i've given the impression somehow that i've been overrun with controversy, i'm terribly sorry. i've had a few, very positive, discussions about the series and am quite happily working on it even as we speak.

i'm trying to be very intentional about inviting early dialogue, so that people within our church can speak into the formation of the series, helping me clarify my objectives and use language that doesn't accidentally enflame.

that said, i'm sure that some of the things we discuss will be hugely difficult for fundamentalist christians to swallow. i'm not yet sure what to do about that...apparently, my personal beliefs are not always the most popular ones :)

at any rate, i think god is trying to teach me to wear my big boy pants and just get over the fact that sometimes - to follow your convictions and listen to the voice of the spirit in your life - you have to do things that are unpopular with some folks (and, sometimes, that even means church folks whom you love and feel called to serve).

if you'd like to be a part of prepping for this series, you can send me an email at and i'll let you know about when we're all getting together to talk things through.

be in peace...

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