Wednesday, August 20, 2008

two days in...

i've been writing for 2 solid days now. yesterday from 1:30pm-12:15am, today from 9:10am-9:23 (and counting) pm.

i think i'll divide this series into two parts. the first part will deal with the exegesis of genesis 1 (primarily) and 2 (a little only). the second part will deal with the imago dei and theosis.

in the first part, i'm trying to show the value of criticizing the empire; of prophetic speech; and that the strong theology of the text is not damaged by it's lack of "history."

in the second part, i'm trying to show that we were made to imitate god in specific ways.

both parts tie in closely with our missional emphasis this year at the winds: the invitation to shadow god.

some of this stuff is a big leap for your typical christian; but i believe it contains great power and understanding about life here on this earth as we seek to foster greater hospitality to the spirit.

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