Tuesday, August 19, 2008

cool feedback so far...writing like a maniac

i've gotten the coolest feedback over the last few days about this series on genesis (which, btw, i'm thinking of calling creation-centered spirituality).

i've had a baker's dozen conversations with folks around the winds saying things like "i'm sooo glad you're talking about this. i hear so much about it and it always sounds like religious bologne." or "oh good. i have so many questions about this and i was really hoping you'd address it in fusion."

which is really cool, because the reason we decided to tackle this one is because of our own - prior - confusion and sense of abandonment by our teachers and leaders.

for a while, i honestly felt like "no one" was going to respond to the question of our origins with anything 'original' to say. everyone just seemed to be beating a tired horse without asking critically significant questions.

(hence, my own personal journey over the last 2 years in genesis).

anyway - i'm writing like a maniac this week and hoping to get 4/6 chapters done by the weekend...so i can get a little perspective and finish things off next week.


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