Thursday, August 14, 2008


ever wonder at how much of christian spirituality is repentance?

i mean, of all the spiritual disciplines/exercises i do - and i like to sip, sample, and repeat disciplines regularly - it's always good, old fashioned repentance that seems to occupy most of my conversation with god.

i think it's because i sin so much.

i judge
i criticize
i speak out of turn
i dismiss
i scoff

i get angry
i get melancholy
i get self-absorbed
i get sullen

i am impatient with those who major on the minors
i am impatience with those who are lazy
i am impatience with those who run their mouth and don't contribute to the kingdom

and, when i delve into scripture
i am reminded again and again that all of these attitudes are deeply sinful

and so, because i am serious about living in such a way as to honor god
i find myself repenting a lot

which, sadly, isn't to say that i don't repeat my sins
because i do
they're like a playlist of ignorance and aggression
and they force me to repent even more

i was given great occasion to think about my present need for repentance
having spent almost 7 hours this week on the phone with apple tech support

...those (&^*&% guys are like a make-me-sin factory

there i go again.

stupid iphone.

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