Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Becoming the Answer to our Prayers

reading a great little book from shane claiborne and jonathan wilson-hartgrove called "becoming the answer to our prayers."

from p. 88

"we don't want our love for the church to turn into one more way that the world convinces us to live in fear of death. parts of the church will die. but, what really excites us, is the way our god stirs up the ruins, always eager to give new life. the world will not believe that the gospel is true because we struggle hard enough to save a sinking ship. the world will believe when we practice resurrection where we are because we know the joy of new life."

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  1. Hey David...

    I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog - I'm a pastor in Greenville SC - it's amazing that what you say so often is exactly what I'm thinking or studying! This quote is SO AMAZING - we've recently lost about 100 people - God showed up and they got mad! I'd like to use this quote on my blog soon... Keep up the AWESOME ministry - you touch my heart many times!
    Steve Keyes