Wednesday, October 1, 2008

christianity at j-high

i spoke at j-high today, with mike mason at their world religions class.

it was cool.

there were a smattering of christian kids - some of whom were NOT impressed with yours truly :) - and an assortment of other kids, presumably at varied points along the spiritual continuum.

it felt good to be able to talk jesus with them...because i love jesus, and i love to talk about him, and i love the thought that - in some small way - i may be cooperating with jesus to broker an introduction between him and them.

cool beans.

anyway, one moment sticks out in my mind as particularly "god"-y.

this little girl came into the room, an 8th grader maybe?, and emptied the recycling bin from mike's class. she never made eye contact with anyone. she never lifted her head. she never smiled. she seemed totally afraid.

when she left, i told the class i was going to pray for her. i did. we all did. we prayed that god would overwhelm her with love. we prayed that every moment of today she would feel his pleasure and his presence with her.

and later,
i challenged the kids in mike's class to love this little girl, and to work with the spirit in helping to heal whatever wounds she had.

i love jesus

and he loves that little girl

so i've been praying for her all morning: god, let her know your love.

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  1. THAT's why we love you, David McDonald. Yes, you're brilliant, charming, handsome and witty...and you always show your heart. Your story shows a simple way to be Jesus. Most would turn away and say, "oh, poor girl", but not you. You prayed and invited others to do the same. That, my friend, is a beautiful thing. I'm learning so much from you everyday. "Stay classy." Much love...Amy