Thursday, October 23, 2008

in the beginning...god made the world in an unpopular move

(from a series used in fusion)

In the beginning, God created the universe.
This was a very unpopular move and made a lot of people angry.
They say he made it out of nothing, but I think it’s the nothingness that shows through.

Which is too bad, since there are no aliens we’re his best work thus far.

Space, by the way, is really, really big.
I mean, you think it’s a long way to the East Side Meijer
but that’s just peanuts to space.

Anyway, God made the universe
and then he made the trees –
at least, we think it was him
mostly because no one else could figure out how to get the bark on.

Those of us who loved the trees became One with Nature.
Those of who achieved Oneness, then moved on to Twoness.
I myself am at Two with Nature.

Those who couldn’t harmonize with Nature worked with machines.

On the first day they built a fire.
On the second they built a wheel, and then some aqueducts.
On the third day they made a printing press, but no one uses it anymore.
Because on the fourth day they used our new telegraph machine
and ran a cable under the Atlantic.
Then, on the fifth day they made a car, and then a plane,
and then a spaceship and ran to the moon.
On the sixth day, in reverse order, they cloned a sheep, built the internet,
and split the atom.
On the last day we regretted their decisions and tried to get back
to the way things were.

Because the future isn’t what it used to be.
I’ve seen it and it doesn’t always work.
I mean, it’s here already, but just doesn’t have the right distribution.

Honestly, what can you say about a world where God is dead
but Elvis still lives in Toledo?

These days we spend all our time looking for immortality,
but I’m afraid it’ll go on forever.
Plus, they say that the first real condition of immortality is death.
Who knows – maybe there’ll be another war and we’ll find out.
I don’t know what weapons they’d use,
but I bet the one after will be fought with sticks and stones.

Anyway – this is supposed to be about Creation.

God did it,
we’re working on figuring out the details,
and when we know them we’ll call Mel Gibson and make a movie.

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