Sunday, October 19, 2008

poop...stuff there was no time for this morning are the bullets i had to leave out of fusion today in the interests of time

Subduing the Earth
• means shadowing God by fighting our monsters
o international aggression, injustice, oppression
o chaos, corruption, hatred
• means setting the world to rights

We’ve Always Failed
o Adam and Eve rebel in the Garden
o Cain invents murder
o Lamech invents polygamy
o Noah becomes the first drunk and commits incest
o Nimrod is the first warrior, chasing after battle
• We became the monsters God charged us to oppose
• We look more like Marduk than YHWH

The Flood for Failure
• God is grieved
• God re-set His creation
• God remains willing to work towards unity and deep peace between Creator and Creation

Sin has Broken the World
• King
o Our relationship with God has been broken
• Shadow
o Our relationship with ourselves has been broken
• Idols
o Our relationship with others has been broken
• Stewards
o Our relationship with the world has been broken

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