Thursday, October 30, 2008

sex on fire (some bullets + illustrations prepping for sunday)

We are made in God’s image, imprinted with His spark inside of us.
We are separated, sex-ed, and cut off.
There is something inside of us which longs for wholeness. That something is the Divine Spark. We want to be wholly with God, we want to be whole people.

The desire for wholeness with God is our spirituality.
The desire for wholeness as a person is our sexuality.

That Fire inside of us is the drive towards wholeness, whether spiritual or sexual.

Wholeness occurs through covenant.
The covenant between man and woman is marked by sex.
Wholeness happens through covenant marked by sex.

We want to be whole so we are driven to have sex; however, in the absence of covenant, sex doesn’t make us whole it commodifies us.
Sex must be exclusive and perpetual to be covenantal.
Sexual wholeness comes through exclusivity and perpetuity before God.

It is God who makes us whole sexually as author of the Covenant.
It is God who makes us whole spiritually as author of our humanity.

The Fire inside of us is the drive for wholeness, which can only be experienced through complete union and communion with God – whether sexual or spiritual or, most accurately, both.

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