Thursday, October 23, 2008

just finished the flash site for the next series at the winds:

it's simple, pretty, and easy to navigate.

my hope is that people will use the site as a conversation piece about sexuality and spirituality. i want our people to acknowledge that there is a spiritual dimension to sex, that sex is good and god-authored, and that our sexual identity in this world is deeply compromised.

i also want others to come to grips with the stark, honest, and bold teaching at the winds about sexuality. i want them to know this won't be a series about hugging your mom and chastely kissing your husband.

it's about sex.

and sex is spiritual.

and sex is distorted.

and part of our mandate before god in this world is to heal distortions.

and we must be part of putting sex back together again.

so, yeah:

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  1. Dude, love the crotch fire. Ouch! That's hot! Nice work on the site--smooth, easy on the eyes. I was hoping the Westwoods link in the Navigation menu would tell me about sacred sex classes you could take (Kama Sacra?), but alas, it's contact info.