Tuesday, October 28, 2008

in the beginning...god danced through existence

(from a series used in fusion)

In the beginning…

God danced through existence in the solitude of Threeness
The tune roared through All
Singing space and keeping time
Until there were angels and heavenly creatures marked onto the score
And the dance got a little bigger.

The universe shouted for joy
And the stars jeted and tumbled
Pieces falling and collecting
Into planets
Into orbits
Into mystery
And in to life.

The dance was joy
And peace and hope
It was holiness and romance
And all who were in the dance were One.

From the farthest reaches of space
You and I woke up to the sound of the drums.
You tapped your toes and I cleared my throat
And we began to dance in our room.

Our invitation came right away
And we accepted.
You dressed up, but I stayed cas’
And we joined in the spinning circles of interplanetary majesty and salvation.

Now, in the dance, we’re looking out at the whole
And we’re texting our friends saying
Come dance, come dance

It’s good
It’s all good

The dance just keeps going on and on
And the pleasure never stops
It’s a party
And a ball
And a prom
And a wedding
And a feast
And it’s never gonna end.

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