Friday, October 10, 2008

comments from genesis series

i've been collecting comments about this series from several people and thought i'd (anonymously) throw a few out here...because, after all, one of the biggest questions i get goes something like this: omg, this series has been so amazing...i'm curious, though, what kinds of comments have you been getting.

which usually means 1 of 2 things:

1. i love this series...but i'm scared i might be the only one

2. i love this series...but you're getting crucified for teaching it, right?

and, if i'm honest, it sometimes feels like there's also a third option:

3. wow, i'm terrified by this series, but you seem so nice and sincere i'm gonna just pretend everything is okay...unless you tell me others have also been terrified and then i'm gonna fess up about my own anxiety.


anyway, here is a sampling of the feedback i've been getting:

"thank you, thank you, thank you"
- a different middle aged woman and/or middle aged man every single week

"I really appreciate how you are making us think and opening our eyes to new ways to view what the bible is telling us. I am one of those "believe on faith" people and I really don't need to understand the details and am okay with the gray area. However having this knowlege helps me have conversations with those who see it as black or white and not feel like my faith is threathened. Thank you!"
- married woman

"thank you for your courage and honesty. it has helped me find mine"
- elderly man

"YOU ARE WAY OFF BASE MONKEY-BOY!!! (just Kidding....)"
- tom, one of our elders :)

"because of you, i can love jesus again" (my personal favorite)
- middle aged woman

"the current series is great. I think we all need to be challenged, and by forcing the church to face the many issues involved, we are all growing. This series is thought provoking, and I think that is pretty cool."
- young dad

"it is refreshing to not fight over the issues but show how they can be accepted and compatible in god's creation."
- college student

"we continue to pray for you, your family, the series and the soft but strong presence of the holy spirit to draw each individual into a deeper relationship with their creator."
- father of 3

"hey fella thanks for the creation series. helps understand the rub and why we're tackling this. more thanks for taking the risk."
- his wife

"thanks for your great statement about moving out of the past and looking to the future"
- working professional

"I am amazed again with your ability to take on the big issues. A true theological gladiator. You took on tithe, addressed cherubim’s seraphim’s and thunderbirds. And now the big issues with Genesis."
- father and husband

and the most common?

"thank you for the prayers at the end of each fusion. they mean so much to me."
- about a dozen folks each weekend

anyway, i put these few out here (and there are many others i've just not bothered to include, because they say largely the same kinds of things) as a way to encourage those of you who are struggling with this material.

don't run from it.

engage it.

engage god with it. grow in it. others have found this deeply satisfying and it has helped them become more and more hospitable to the presence of god.

because - remember - this whole thing isn't about evolution (or non-evolution)...everything we do is about jesus. we're tackling this subject so that those who've been sidetracked away from jesus because of it can find their way back to him.

so don't let this issue sidetrack you. engage it, grow in it, and - if nothing else - hold on tightly to jesus in the midst of it.

he won't let you down.

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