Wednesday, September 24, 2008


someone asked me about my career the other day.

that's always foreign language to a pastor, i think.

i mean, i think about any writing/speaking/leading/teaching i do outside of ww as my "career." but, everything i do at the winds i think of as simply serving my calling, serving god, and serving my church.

i don't think of the church piece as my "career"...if i did, i think i'd fracture. i'd struggle with resentment more, with frustration more, etc...

but, thankfully, that's not how i think about it. mom and dad were super cool in this regard: a pastor is a servant of god, given to the people in a local church.

and i find great satisfaction in serving at westwinds.

as to my career? well, i'm finding a lot of satisfaction there too. god has been very gracious to carmel and i, and i want to live up to the honors he's given us.

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