Thursday, September 25, 2008

when did we get the "image?"

i'm always on the lookout for ways to reconcile evolutionary biology and genesis. i've got my mind wrapped about a very satisfying solution, but i'm open to enhancements.

so i had this thought today, about the imago dei.

let's say that all of evolutionary biology is true...
- the earth is 16 billion years old
- yada yada yada
- modern man shows up in africa 100,000 years ago; the hobbits in indonesia 16,000 yrs ago
- then, 6,000 yrs. ago "ish" may have been the time when we "woke up" to the image of god

that may have been the time when god endowed us with self-awareness, the ability for kenotic love, and the desire to union and communion with him.

in this hypothesis, the late date of literary invention (cueniform, etc.) makes sense because we'd only been awake for a little while anyway.

am i rambling too much?

maybe. our office air conditioning is broken and i'm a little delirious from the heat. seriously, i see eddie murphy staring at me from behind my mac.

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