Wednesday, September 10, 2008


wow...more craziness this week. not with life, just with me.

i find this weird. i'm a fairly level person...but i've been irritable and short-tempered these past few days. it may have something to do with mema's hospitalization, or randy's pins-and-needles health reports, or jake's first week of school, or the launch of satellites and the beginning of my sau teaching semester, or the upcoming series...but if i'm honest, it doesn't feel like any of these.

it feels like spiritual attack.

i feel like there are lots of things trying to distract me right now.
i feel like there's a lot of little day-bombs waiting to go off, almost hoping i'll flip out over them.

i feel like the most important thing i can do right now is stay prayed up,
and ask for grace
and humility
and focus all my efforts on staying sweet.

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