Sunday, September 7, 2008

worried about my friend randy

i haven't blogged much about just seems a bit too personal. some stuff, you just want to work through on your own.

but he's gotten worse lately, and he's not blogging about it, and he's been on my mind a lot.

people sometimes ask me if there's any hope for him. i guess that's a fair question. it feels to some like there's no hope, but they need permission to feel that way so they ask me what i think.

we all probably feel like that sometimes.

but i've come to think that hope is a choice.

i have great hope for randy to fully recover from his cancer.

great hope.

and my hope is bolstered by prayer.
desperate prayer, sure, but i'm praying that he will completely recover.

i don't want to hope that everything will be ok for him and his family.
everything is already not ok.

i've chosen, instead, to place my hope in the most miraculous and unlikely outcome.

i hope he gets 100% better.

to me, it feels like the only thing worth believing for.

of course he may not completely recover. i'm not ok with that, and i'm making no effort to find peace now for what may sadden and disappoint us all later. all my thoughts and prayers and energies before god on this matter sum up to one simple request:

please heal my friend.

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