Tuesday, September 9, 2008

that old fateful feeling

i'm having it again...that feeling of irritation. it sneaks up on me sometimes and i have to catch it quick before my whole day starts feeling hurried and bothersome and annoying.

i need the perception to identify it early, and then the wisdom to make some changes.

otherwise i'll need another five weeks of vacation pretty quickly.

i'm convinced, though, that work-related stress is symptomatic of the fall in the garden of eden. god cursed man with work and sweat and pain...in an office, that looks a little differently than in a field, but the results are the same.

i love my job. i'm thankful for it. the stresses and pressures that enter into it are largely of my own making.

god, give me the grace to stop, breathe, and work well with you and everyone else.

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