Sunday, September 21, 2008

learning lots...

...we've covered some pretty major ground in fusion the last couple of weeks. it's the kind of stuff that typically would result in church catastrophe, fury, or - sadly - a split.

but it's gone wonderfully well, thanks to the open-minded and gracious people of westwinds.

they've been really cool, really eager to learn, and really eager to deepen their understanding of both the scriptures and the movement of the spirit in their lives.

thank god.

thanks, too, to our elders who've coached us on how best to prepare people for a series like this. bill, dave, tom, anil, jeff, and brad have been instrumental in educating jvo and i how best to vet some of these ideas and give folks plenty of opportunity for feedback loops and talkbacks.

kudos, guys - you're wisdom has allowed us to navigate some tricky waters in order to lead more people into fuller life development.

glad for you all.


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  1. Fusion this past Sunday was MIND BLOWINGLY AWESOME. Both Becky and I were struck by how "quickened" we were in our spirit.

    Thanks for all your work on the teaching atlas too, I know that must take ALOT of time to produce. Becky and I have both been reading it and have been blessed.

    Gotta say, I was a little apprehensive to hear you tackle this subject, but man, has God knocked me on my butt about that.

    Also, got some great feedback from first time WW peeps at the LINK table, very encouraged all around.