Wednesday, September 3, 2008

world press is crap

...just finished reading an article entitled "Christians and Hindus clash in Kandhamal"

which, taken alone, gives you the impression that there's some kind of war going on between 2 religious groups.

however, if you read on you'll discover that 15,000 christians have been placed in concentration camps, 30 have been murdered in the street, and a teen girl has been burned alive by hindus because of her christian beliefs.

that hardly seems like a conflict.

that seems like genocide.

anyway, i'm not one to go on and on about the persecution of right wing christians in america. more often than not, it feels to me like we imagine that stuff to be more potent (and/or more present) than it really is.

but this?!!

this is crazy.
this is wrong.
you cannot treat other people this way.
you cannot burn them to death because of their religion.

western civilization has so completely maligned christians because of things like the crusades, the violence in ireland, apartheid, and the inquisition that we - meaning, the western world - have become blind to violence against christians.

this is stupid.

we must get involved.

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