Saturday, September 20, 2008

prayer: prophetic criticism (fusion, week 2, genesis)

God –

I have believed the fictions of this world
And paid for it.

I am like a locust,
A consumer,
A thing of greed, believing the myth of scarcity.

And I am unlike the elephant,
Forgetting everything truthful
about who made this world and what I am supposed to do in it.

Now I find that these fictions are disruptive
And they have ruined parts of my character.

So I would like to exchange my lies for your truth.

I want to live within your story
The true story of this world and all who live in it.

I want to accept your invitation to be a shadow.

I am not God,
But neither am I nothing – or a shadow of nothing.

I am here to conserve and conceive your creativity.

So I accept my dignity
And my responsibility
To imitate you in this world.

Help me to edit the story of this world.
Help me to re-write the world in love with you.


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