Tuesday, September 30, 2008


this sunday we chatted in fusion about the remarkable creator, god, who is above all.

we talked about possible theological implications of the theory of evolution - if it were even indisputably proven true.

among those, we spoke of the rhythm of original creation - ongoing creation - and new creation.

to illustrate, we'd planned to release thousands of butterflies into the auditorium...but we couldn't afford them.

so we only released 50 butterflies per fusion
...and they didn't fly
...or move
...or dazzle in any way

and, in the first fusion,
i could have sworn they were about to attack my face.

so - in the middle of my prayer to close the teaching - i called out:
i am terrified right now.

to much laughter.

and a little chagrin :)

stupid butterflies.

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